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A Permanent Poject of Lions Club of Sion
Lion Tarachand Bapa Hospital & Research Center.


Lion Tarachand Bapa Hospital & Research Center

24th February, 1970 was a RED LETTER day in the history of Lions CLUB of Sion.
On this day a small seed was planted as Lions Medical cetre with C.U.Shah Diagnostic Unit, in the present premises which was known as Kumar Club.

In 1981
Shri Tarachand Dhanjee Mehta was impressed by our actvities and the center was named as LION TARACHAND DHANJEE MEHTA MEDICAL CENTER against his donation. At this stage teh center was upgraded  with 12 bed indoor facility & small Operation Theater.

In 1989
with further donation from Lion Tarachand Dhanjee Mehta, the center was made to a full fledged hospital " LION TARACHAND BAPA HOSPITAL And RESEARCH CENTER". The inaugration was done by the then Vice President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma.

In 1996
Mumbai Mumncipal Coproration & Government of Maharashtra, in recognition of our service to community, granted us extra plot of Land & Special FSI for extending our medical facilities. the foundation of which was laid by the then Vice-President of India Shri K R Narayanan.

Today we are having 65 beded full fleged Hospital having a full fedged diagnostic Unit with X-Ray, Pathology. Three Ultra modern Operation Theaters, I.C.C.U., N.I.C.U., C.T.Scan, Computerised Stress Test, Male Ward, Female & Padiatric Ward and Executive Ward. We have fully newly renovated Dialysis Department. It has new five latest high technology dialysis machines. It has Four I.C.C.U. Bed on 4th floor. The hospital has daily O.P.D. of Approxinmatley 200 above patients. it has 120 honorary Doctors of various faculties like Physician, Dentist, Gyneacologist, E.N.T., Orthopedic, Opthalmologist, Physitherapist , Oncologist, Heamatologist, etc & equal numbers of paramedical staff helping us in our endeavour to serve the community along with Lion Members of LIONS CLUB OF SION.

The salient features of the hospital are:

  • OPD services-covering almost all branches of medicine (General medicine, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Dermatology,Neurology,Diabetology,Nephrology,Gastroenterology,Geriatrics etc) & surgery (General surgery, Opthalmology, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Spine surgery,ENT,Paediatrics, Plastic surgery,Urology etc)  

  • Alternative therapies (Ayurveda & Homeopathy) on an OPD basis

  • Radiology services-X-ray & Sonography

  • Pathology services-offered by the hospital & Metropolis laboratories

  • In patient services-Male General ward

                     Female & Paediatric General Ward
                     Executive ward

  • Fully equipped Operation Theatre Complex

  • Specialized departments-

Oncology (Surgery & Chemotherapy)
Dietetics etc

  • Fully equipped Dialysis unit

  • More specializations being added

THe hospital is fortunate to be associated wth reputed doctors of almost all branches of Medicine who work with the hospital to provide cost-effective and humanitaran care.

The Hospital recieve the poor patients from Dharavi & near by slums as our charges are very low. The Hospital runs mainly because of donations recieved from Philantropists as we are making losses. Besides 20% of the patients are treated FREE OF COST.
The Hospitals' main aim to serve the poor & needy as it is a charitable hospital.

We are also thankfull to the board of Trustee, Honorary Doctors, Staff members & Govt. of Maharashtra, Mumbai Municipal Coporation, B.E.S.T., Press, Media and all those who have helped us irectly and indirectly in our endeavour to serve the community.

We request all the donors & Philanthropists to visit at least once, our

Permanent project of Lions Club of Sion
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