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An Indigent Patient Fund has been instituted as per the orders of the Hon'ble Bombay High Court. Under this scheme, the hospital generates a fund based on the total billing of the hospital patients.

This fund has 2 parts:
1. Indigent section
2. Weaker section

Eligibility criteria is defined by annual family income as per the instructions given by the charity commisioner from time to time.

Concessions offered:
Concessions offered under this scheme are related to Hospital Charges only. Outside charges (lke food,medicines etc) are not covered or reimbursable under this scheme.

For Indigent Patients: 100 % dicsount
For Weaker Patients: 50 % discount.

-The IPF scheme is available to admitted patients only.
-People desiring to avail this scheme should apply in advance or during admission.
-People approved under the IPF scheme will not be charged a deposit at the time of admission.
-IPF requests at the time of discharge shall be considered only on a case to case basis as a special situation.
-Granting of concession under the IPF scheme is at the discretion of the hospital authorities.

Documentation required:
Currently valid Ration Card
Currently valid certificate of medical aid issued by the Tehsildars office

Hospital authorities shall conduct an interview to determine authenticity of the case and their discretion shall be final.

I petient Fund for Poor Patients

We at Lion Tarachand Bapa Hospital,
spend for Poor Patients
as per the details above.
We also heavily subsidise the poor patients from different communities depending on the Specific Donation recieved from different donors.

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