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Lions Tarachand Bapa hospital strives to serve the community by offering cutting edge medical services at affordable rates.

However these services come at a cost to us at Lions.We try to bridge this gap by reciving donations through philanthropists and charitable organisations,big and small

We accept donations for general purposes as well as specific projects. Please contact the hospital authorities.


We wish to express our gratitude to all donors for their generous donations that have help this hospital run despite the odds. While it would be prudent to place our gratitude on record to each and every one of them, constraints of space and time would prevent us from doing so.This however does not dimnish the value of their donations. We thank them sincerely and hope they shall continue to support us and help us grow

However, we do wish to acknowledge all those donors who have contributed to the development and expansion of the hospital infrastructure through all these years.

DONATIONS are welcome

All donations are Exempt
from Income Tax
under Sec 80G of IT act of India

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